Wooden Robot

Wooden Robot is a premiere Los Angeles, California Alternative-Rock Band that has been playing shows and gaining momentum.

Wooden Robot is a premiere Los Angeles Alternative-Rock Band that has been playing shows in the L.A./O.C. area and gaining momentum. Their freshman album “Unless They’re Weird, Your Kids Will Eat It” has been climbing the rankings at Indie Chart’s website. Tracks from the album have started gaining online radio airplay and have also landed spots on the soundtrack for the upcoming Steelyard Pictures film, “The Power of Few”!
Consisting of Erik Jepsen (vocals, piano), Jeff Martin (bass), Dante DiRusso (drums), and co-founders Steve Banbury (lead guitar, sax) and Kyle Milner (rhythm guitar, back-up vocals), Wooden Robot has been spreading the good word of rock since 2007 playing venues all throughout Orange County and Los Angeles from the Coach House, Saint Rocke, Viper Room, and The Whisky.

Wooden Robot – “What A Strange Road”

Also, be sure to check out their track entitled, “Dragon Slayer” …. it’s pretty awesome too ~ Ms. V
Erik Jepsen, Lead Vocals, Keys – Erik grew up in South Bay LA. He has enjoyed music since his schooldays. One day, he was singing randomly and his friend noticed his voice. She suggested for Erik to audition for a musical. Erik auditioned, was accepted, and fell in love with “the industry.” This was 16 years ago and he has been performing ever since. The show helped him appreciate all aspects of his voice.
Steve Banbury, Lead Guitar – Steve was raised in Montgomery and Oswego, IL. His father had an old Fender acoustic guitar sitting in the formal sitting room corner. Steve began to strum on the Fender when no one was home and he had no idea what he was doing. After a hard day’s work, his Dad came home early and discovered Steve’s secret indulgence. His Dad asked Steve if he wanted to learn to play the guitar. The next day his father went to the music store and bought a set of strings, tuned the guitar a few steps down to avoid breakage, and handed Steve an Alfred Reed’s Beginner Guitar book and said “have at it!” Steve was already a Saxophonist in the chamber orchestra and his skills are featured in the song “What a Strange Road.” He’s a natural.
Jeff Martin, Bass – Jeff was born and raised in Montgomery, IL. He was forced upon music in the 7th grade when his good friend, Steve Banbury (WR’s lead guitarist), bought a guitar and told Jeff to purchase a bass guitar so they could start a band. Their parents are still close friends.
Kyle Milner, Rhythm Guitar – Kyle is from Manteca, CA and San Clemente, CA. His Mom bought his first guitar when he was 8 and empowered his musical nature. Since then, he has been writing songs and melodies. Kyle collaborates with the band to reach that perfect WR sound.
Dante DiRusso, Drums – Dante is from Youngstown, OH and followed his dreams of being a drummer all the way to LA. At age 5, he fell into an orchestra pit and the conductor said he had good rhythm when he bounced off the Timpani drums. The orchestra pit being his father’s drums that he still plays with today. 

BWD Radio w/Wooden Robot – Interview


Wooden Robot at The Viper Room! EPIC!!

“The Last Full Minute Of This Live Performance Turned Epic!! Kicked In @ 3:58” ~Ms. V

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