Gary Nelson is a Singer/Songwriter and guitar player from Chicago, IL. He now resides in Arkansas.

Gary started singing late in life. Elvis and the Beatles were huge influences on his musical direction, so his songwriting sometimes have those flavors to them.

Gary sings lead, harmony and plays guitar, Lead/Rhythm, Bass, Drums and dabbles with some keyboards now and then.

Gary loves writing songs with interesting melodies and rhythms. He considers himself as a creator of music, and loves doing just that!

Gary Nelson – Continues To Burn

Gary writes, records, produces and arranges all of his material.

Gary loves to perform in front of an audience, and strives to create ‘on-stage’ the same sounds that are produced on the song recording.

Gary’s song catalog is well over 100 unpublished songs, and he continues to write songs and perform for the masses with his latest single “Continues to Burn”.

The single, “Continues To Burn” is Available Now! iTunes: http://goo.gl/65WEoi



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