The Como Brothers Band

Still Waters – The Como Brothers

Music was featured in MTV’s “The Real World” and E! Entertainment and also in “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.


We write songs. We love music. This is our career.

We have been surrounded by music from a very young age. Our dad and his brothers are all very musical. During family parties throughout our childhood, our uncles would jam in the basement. We loved it when they played together and would join in. This is where we first got a taste of performing. When Matt was in Kindergarten and Andrew was in pre-school their mom enrolled them in piano lessons. In third grade, Andrew started playing the alto saxophone in the concert band and took private guitar lessons. In high school Andrew played the tenor saxophone in the symphonic band, guitar in the pit orchestra, and guitar for the chorus as an accompanist. In high school Matt played guitar and bass with Andrew in their high school’s talent shows and in local bars. During that time, Matt and Andrew joined their father and their uncle in a Beatles tribute band, playing in local bars across long island. Andrew was George and Matt was John. Soon we started writing songs. We loved playing Beatles music but wanted to play our own music. Once we started writing songs in high school we started to take our music career very seriously. In college, Matt took voice lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, joined a singing ensemble, and of course kept writing songs. In college Andrew is doing the same. We would like to do this as a career because this is our passion. We love writing and playing music. In January 2012 “The Speed of Sound EP” was released. In March 2013, “Still Waters” EP was released.
Andrew is currently a senior in college. Matt earned a BA from Loyola University, MD and is working toward an MBA.
Andrew Como – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Matt Como – Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Justin Scheidling – Percussion & Drums
Tim Costello – Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals
John O’keefe – Percussion/Vocals/Auxiliary Keyboards
Activity 2013
Songwriting is our primary focus. For us, writing songs is a daily obsession. We want to write songs that are original, creative, and have integrity. Right now, we are recording our first full length album at VuDu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY. The 12 tracks on the album are coming together really well! We are planning to release this debut album sometime in mid 2013.
We are very excited about all of our plans for 2013! In February, we opened for Jillian Jensen at 89 North Music Venue, played at the Hard Rock Café NYC in the Hard Rock Rising 2013 Finals, and opened for Frankie Zulferino at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. In March, we performed on Balcony TV Charleston and did an on-air interview/performance for a local radio station in Columbia SC. Our music has been placed on MTV’s Real World Portland which will air on March 27th. The instrumental version of our song “Your Love” has been placed in ads for Quicksilver. Three of our songs will also be on the soundtrack of the new Indie movie Wingman Inc., which is coming out later this year.
Our music has been accepted on Pandora and is streaming on 70 radio stations and podcasts. It is routinely played on syndicated internet radio shows such as New Driven Cruisin Show, Revolver Underground, and Indie Underground with Uncle Earl. The Como Brothers Band often plays in Manhattan NY at places like The Bitter End and The National Underground. We also perform all around Long Island at bars, town events, charity fundraising events, and festivals.

The Como Brothers – Late Nights

Activity 2012
2012 was a very exciting year for us! We were selected by the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands to perform at The Warped Tour at Nassau Coliseum 7/21. We played Nikon Jones Beach Theater Side Stage before Rachel Crow, Cody Simpson, and Big Time Rush. We were named Emerging Artists by S&IS Shortcut to Sony, went into the Sony building, and had our music heard by Sony A&Rs! We played at the Hard Rock Café NYC as finalists in The Hard Rock Rising Contest. We performed in the Montauk Music Festival, and were asked to play at Sullivan Hall. The band also had a great time playing at Six Flags Great Escape in Lake George, NY. We have had our music played on MTV’s Real World St. Thomas and on the E! Networks Keeping up with the Kardashians. We are very excited to have our music heard!
In the Hard Rock Rising Contest our song “I Don’t Like You” had the most number of downloads in the entire USA. We came in 1st place in Phase I of the Hard Rock Rising competition and played at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square in February 2012.
In the spring of 2012, Kayla Stockert approached Matt and Andrew Como because she was just starting out as an original artist and needed help writing songs. Kayla and The Como Brothers co-wrote one song together called “Don’t Go Messing with My Heart.” Then Matt and Andrew wrote two more additional songs for Kayla to sing called “What They Say” and “Your Love” — these songs make up Kayla’s debut EP with The Como Brothers Band called “Castles in The Sand.”
The Como Brothers Band brings an energy, excitement, and originality to the stage that leaves fans wanting more and more of them. The band is very personable and accessible to fans. We can’t wait to see you at our next gig!

The Como Brothers Band – Late Nights



“Changing the World, One Voice at a Time.”

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