Her voice is sexy, her style is unique.


T Dawn – Alternative Pop/Rock Indies Artist based in Southern California, USA.
Growing up T-Dawn has always had her hands deep into music. Her parents would feed her ambitions with guitars, drums, horns, and anything that she requested. It was not until several years later, had she found herself alone in a church sanctuary, feeling the urge to play the grand piano she had been eyeing on stage.
As soon as her fingers touched the keys she was astonished by the hidden talent that she had discovered. She had finally found the instrument that spoke to her, that could make her feel the music through her soul. As many years passed on her passion grew into many instrumental songs. Then a devastating passing of her father happened a few years ago and she found herself branching out into a new found world of music for her, creating her first vocal appearance in her original song “Mental Breakdown”. From then on she has become motivated by many fans, ”Starlights”, and appearances at venues such as Caesar’s palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

T. Dawn – Controlled By Vanity

T Dawn continues to reach for the stars; just recently she has been nominated by Indie Music Channel as Best Female Alternative Music Artist and signed a contract with Music Powered Games.
Her voice is sexy, her style is unique. It’s no surprise that she was hand-picked out of hundreds of other artists that submitted; to perform at Caesar’s Palace, in Las Vegas.

Controlled By Vanity – Official Video by T Dawn



“Changing the World, One Voice at a Time.”

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