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Songwriting is most often spontaneous for You vs Me, deriving most of the new material from Jam sessions.

The Latest
We’ve got a New EP and whole Bunch o’ shows coming up, so stop on by for details!
In 2011, they re-crafted the You vs Me sound to be more aggressive, more melodic, more technical, and more awesome. Though the band – in its current configuration – has only been together since January 2010, they sound and feel much more focused, creative and ambitious than your average band of travelling musicians, producing 2 of their own music videos so far, one of which was done in Claymation, using over 27,000 photos to complete (and another on the way for “Raise the Dead”) and more on the way!
2010 brought Canada’s, You vs Me nationwide college radio rotation (charting at #1 at a few of them), 2 tours of the Ontario-Maritimes corridor and a 3rd on the way, a Feature on CBC Radio 1’s “Mainstreet”, (to name just a few credits) and now, You vs Me are now setting up to surpass that success with their Sophomoric EP release, “The Book of…”, follow-up to 2009’s, The Borrowed (Recorded at Toronto’s Phase One Studios and Produced by Bob Gallo).

You Vs Me – “Said and Done”

The Story
Having been brought together by accidentally enduring a toxic chemical spill together in 2004, vocalist Chris P and guitarist Mykle Manyaci spent the subsequent years crafting the all-original, anthemic, pop-literate sound that would come to be known as You vs Me. “During the chemical spill, we decided to go jam at Mykle’s house. It wasn’t until then that we realized we’d grown up around the corner from each other. It all seems like the perfect script for a comic book,” amuses Chris P.
“We have some unlikely but terrific chemistry and had an idea; Chris P coming from a folky/roots rock background, and I loved metal and hard rock growing up, we thought it was time to blend them somehow. We just mixed the two! It’s a lot of fun to for us to play… it’s like, pop-punk done on a larger scale courtesy of the abilities of their rhythm section who joined up more recently. Drummer and long time family friend of Mykle’s, Curly, finally agreed to join and brought a very aggressive drumming style, courtesy of his drum-corps training and heavyweight influences like Travis Barker & Jimmy “the Rev”. Newest member/Bassist David Q Pyle, was introduced to the band by the rock gods at Craigslist, and comes from a Rock/Metal background that instantly clicked with Curly’s style, confirming his awesomeness and solidifying his position in You vs Me.
Songwriting is most often spontaneous for You vs Me, deriving most of the new material from Jam sessions. “We all contribute ideas equally which just seems to be the most natural way for us to do it.”
You vs Me’s current catalog consists of over 30 original songs, and the band is anxious to get back on the road and show people what the new You vs Me is all about. With their unmatched enthusiasm, You vs Me are destined to make their unique brand of alt-pop-hard-folk-punk rock resonate within hearts and minds across the world.

BWD Radio w/ You Vs Me – Interview


You Vs Me – Someday


You Vs Me – Going Home

Short stop motion film “The Oak Tree” set to music by Toronto Band “You vs Me”
and their song “Going Home”. Originally unique yet at the same time totally in awe.

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