I started playing music about forty years ago, That chronology alone scares me to death. Forty Years? The Grim Reaper draws near.
My entire family was involved in music and being the last of seven kids I was not exempt. My mother inspired the talents that grew with in our house hold. She was the inspiration for so many things. I lost her when I was 13. I continued to play as the family band began to dissolve and family married and moved away pursuing their music around the country. “Ref” my song “Moms Symphony”
From the high school days I was in and out of bands, hoping to land a bigger and better position in the music world.
I started getting burnt out on much of the music of my generation in the early 80’s and started following and playing in the bluegrass and Gospel genre. 20 years later I found myself tired of playing cover and quit. Then one night I went to a concert featuring Tommy Emmanuel and my world changed. He was such an inspiration. It was that night when he told me ” There are millions of great singers and millions of gifted musicians, but the writers of those songs that play forever are few and far between” “Write what you know”

Greg Fritsch – Heaven In My Eyes

My life changed. It was time to be a writer.
With a million melodies and a zillion words in my head at the age of 48 I began composing and writing. In that first 2 years I ran out of score sheets to put all those concepts to music. The songs started gaining better structure and I even started liking a few of them. So between 2008 and present I have written and recorded over a hundred pieces of music and co-written on many others.
I have several pieces of music that have been picked up and signed by some Awesome Indie Artist. Gospel Group CrossWalk, recorded a song I did called “Forgiven Son” and Ashley Baker took a co-write I did with Dave Wagner to awesomeness. The song “Country Girls Rock” has really charted well in Japan as well as the southern states here.

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