His lyrics, delivery, and stage performances immediately catches your full attention.

“One of my greatest fears growing up was public speaking, the idea of standing in front of a crowd and expressing yourself was not even an option,” he says. “I realized that I couldn’t live my life controlled by fear, so I turned around and faced it”.
A fan of pioneering artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac and DMX; P-TONE takes full advantage of the freedom of speech, self-expression and applies those freedoms hand and hand within his music.

P-Tone – “Turning Me On”

He goes by the name of P-TONE. His lyrics, delivery, and stage performances immediately catches and snags your full attention. From his passion for the art, to his work ethic that drives him to be a perfectionist about how his audience receives his music. He is sure to make his mark in the music industry one way or another. One of his many but highlighted skills as an artist is his story telling ability that draws you into a movie like experience that’s clear and contains vivid detail. Like many, he has overcome numerous trials and tribulations. Like few, he doesn’t depend on his struggle from the past to determine his future.
“I started writing when I was 14, but it was habitually about my pops,” he says “but as I got older, I realized that I desired to learn more about the art and take music more seriously.”
His debut mixtape “Self Destruction” which was released in 2010, not only shocked critics but was a milestone in his confidence as an artist. Since then, his fan base has grown from 0 to 3,000 followers who listen to his music regularly. He has collaborated with several local artists and in 2011, was featured in two music videos, as well as, released one of his own debut singles “Best Right Now” off his upcoming mixtape entitled “The Aftermath” later on that year.
“The most common question I get is what makes me different from other artists, since there’s so many?” He says “and it’s writing music without fear of what people think or the repercussions.”
“The Aftermath” is by far his greatest mixtape. The creativity, diversity in vocabulary, and quality of sound surly sets this Mixtape apart from all others. The latest single “Turning Me On” ft. the singer/songwriter Tayvein Roberson is already getting great reviews. Listening to his music you’ll hear it for yourself, you’ll get that “He got it” feeling and instantly become a fan.

BWD Radio w/P-Tone – Interview


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