Princess aka Crime Mob

Princess formally of Crime Mob is BACK as Princess Digital ….

Princess formally of ‘Crime Mob’ is BACK as Princess Digital ….
Re-Introducing “Princess” of Crime Mob as solo artist and actress, Princess Digital. Born in Landsthul, Germanyas Venetian Lewis, Princess Digital began her career as a member of the 1st group to go Platinum selling ringtones called Crime Mob.

Princess Digital – All I Know

Having co-written hit songs such as; “Rock Yo Hips” and “Nuck if you Buck” Princess received a writer’s award from ASCAP of which she is most proud. When asked why Princess adapted “Digital” as a tag onto to her name her reply was, “ I’ve grown as an artist and I’m doing more commercial music; as in numbers, digital represents my flow of talent which is endless.”
Princess Digital as a solo artist has to her credit an “EP” entitled “Taking Over The Throne”, mixed tapes; “Dirty Pop”, “P.S.A”, “Mixed and Destroyed.”, most of which featured the likes of Gucci Mane, Wacka Flocka Flame, 3-6 Mafia and Shawty Lo just to name a few.
Princess Digital is also an actress who’s performed in the hit play, “For Colored Girls Only,” as the Lady in Yellow. Acting is equally a passion as music is for Princess Digital.
On her new Musical Project she has enlisted 2 producers from Germany, Dj Dilla and PTp which produced her new single, “Go.” She has toured Germanyand Turkey twice a year since embarking on her solo career and continues to tour America.

BWD Radio Show – EXCLUSIVE Interview w/Princess Digital FKA Crime Mob – She made it!


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