Ken Lowe a.k.a. Cartier

One of the truest & most dedicated emcees in the rap game.

KEN LOWE A.K.A CARDIER, one of the truest and most dedicated emcees in the rap game, is often compared to Nas, however, make no mistake he’s in a class of his own. KEN LOWE was featured in “The Source Magazine – UNSIGNED HYPE” with his home boy, CAZNOVA as (CARDIER AND CAZNOVA). Raised up in a single parent home, and one (1) of seven (7) children, KEN LOWE, experienced the ghetto life first hand. Fueled by his harsh environment, KEN LOWE started writing, rhymes at only nine.

KEN LOWE AKA CARDIER – “Counting Money”

One of his biggest inspirations was rap legend Nas, AZ Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. Determined to make his mark in the rap game, in his early teens; KEN LOWE hung out with Detroit’s local underground rappers to gather as much knowledge as possible.
He started performing at sixteen as a hype man for Hush (Geffen Recording Artists). A year later, he was opening shows for Wu-Tang member’s Cappadonna & Sunz of Man, Plies, Gorilla Zoe, Young Jeezy, B2K, Master P, Memphis Bleek, Patti Labelle, and VH1 Artist “Amp” Fiddler just to name a few. Once KEN LOWE hits the stage, his presence IS felt and he keeps the crowd hype with mad energy.
KEN LOWE wrote the theme song for an energy drink company in 2009.
KEN LOWE is now putting the finishing touches on his album entitled, “A Mile in My Shoes”.
KEN LOWE has four (4) artists: CAZNOVA, JROME, BRIELLE and KLASSIC.


BWD Radio w/Ken Lowe aka CARDIER – Interview


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