Melo Kan - Hip Hop / Rap Artist

His artistry stands out in an industry of sameness as he pushes the limits of creativity.

Fusing an eclectic blend of passion and insightful lyricism, Melo creates a sound that resonates universally. To put it simply, Melo is not an artist created in a demographic vacuum. His stories of struggle and triumph transcend age, race, and demographic barriers and serve as inspiration to a generation lacking any definitive leadership. His artistry stands out in an industry of sameness as he pushes the limits of creativity while balancing the needs of his listeners who crave much more than just a short sugar high. Melo says, “Nobody makes albums that people can still listen to years down the line anymore. I strive to make records so complete that ten years later when you listen, you’ll say damn I wish brotha’s still made records like this!” Similar to early rap pioneers such as Public Enemy, Ice Cube, and Grandmaster Flash; there is a message in Melo’s music. While he believes music should be fun, he also believes it should address socioeconomic issues of the time. Melo says “I was told when I get my turn to speak; I should have something important to say.” With songs like “So Cold” off 2007’s EPU album, where Melo addresses the despondent issues of homelessness and “H.A.T.E”, also off EPU, where he deliberates on the racial divisiveness in America; Melo definitely provides a voice that Hip Hop is in desperate need of.

Melo Kan (ft. Kendrick Lamar) – You Don’t Like

With no luck from a major label, Melo founded his own company in 2002; 4LB (four pound) Musik. Under this umbrella, Melo’s extensive catalog of music stretches over ten mixtapes, two underground releases and one officially released album on Itunes entitled EPU (short for E. Pluribus Unum which is latin for “out of many, there is one”). EPU garnered Melo acclaim in the streets, but more importantly it received the accolade of Peoples Choice Album of the Year at the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards. Humbled by the nod, Melo began to work even harder. His songs were being featured on Inland Empire’s Wild 97 and his radio drops for Julio G and DJ Dense were getting spins on Los Angeles’s 93.5 KDAY. He began headlining shows from southern California up to northern California, even stretching out to Arizona and Colorado. He’s shared stages with the likes of Little Brother, Dead Prez, Mike Jones, Dem Franchize Boys, and Nappy Roots. Whether his set is with resident DJ’s Swank or Mino from his 4LB camp, or with a live band, he leaves the crowd pondering one question, “why isn’t this kid signed?” Melo has produced two music videos independently; one entitled “Still Wanna Leave” which is a song off of the EPU album; and another more recent video “Don’t Talk 2 Strangers” off of the straight to internet EP Bring Da Bluez II. Both of which have received positive responses from viewers.
Melo’s grind is a result of pure dedication and shear will at times. With no assistance from managers or investors, Melo continues to come up with innovative ways to push his music and brand to the public. He is currently working tirelessly on his next album “The Heart of the City”, which is being produced solely and entirely by industry renowned THX. Melo says “I feel like this album is going to take me where I need to be. Not only is it some of my best material, but the level of musicianship going into this project will definitely leave the listener with a feeling of satisfaction.”
With all of Melo’s accomplishments, and intentions, the question still remains; are people really ready for an artist like Melo? Do people really want music that speaks to them directly and touches them emotionally? Well there is only one sure fire way to find out. So in the words of Melo KAN, or “Lo” (as those close to him refer to him as)….Ready…Set…Lo!!

BWD Radio w/Melo Kan – “Interview” (1st Interview)


Melo Kan “EASY” Ft. Jazzy *OFFICIAL VIDEO*


“Intriguingly Different and Creative Video.” ~Ms. V




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