Best described as a lyrical storyteller that invokes thought and incites crowds.


Blueboy is a man of few words (unless he’s rapping) and a lot of action.
Blueboy keeps it real at all times and that’s the only type of people he will align himself with.
Blueboy is THA REALEST lyricist u never heard but is waiting to hear, promise.
Blueboy’s style is best described as a lyrical storyteller that invokes thought and incites crowds with substance filled songs that deal with real life emotions, thoughts, and dreams.
Blueboy first started rapping during the summer break between 8th and 9th grade after breaking his leg and not knowing if he was going to be able to play football anymore.

Blueboy – “See About It”

Blueboy was born in Hiram Clarke (Houston,TX) in Oct.’82 where he was the youngest of 5 and lived for 8 years but after personal hardship, he moved to Galveston,TX in Dec.’90.
After graduating from Ball High School in 2001, Blueboy moved back toHoustonand enrolled at Texas Southern University; where he majored in Electronic Engineering from 2001-2004. While attending school, his girlfriend at the time, became pregnant with their beautiful daughter. Suddenly, school was pushed to the side in favor of finding a job to support her.
Working a regular job was fine for the time but Blueboy wanted and still wants so much more for himself and his daughter. The living check to check thing wasn’t cutting it anymore so shortly after she was born in ’04, Blueboy started back writing and recording new songs with a more defined sense of direction and greater desire to become the greatest rapper ever. And before it’s all said and done Blueboy will be.
Blueboy’s mottos are: “Death before Dishonor and Success Without Struggle, Is Not Success”.

BWD Radio w/Blueboy – Interview


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