3rd Coast G’s is a group of artists from all around Texas and the surrounding areas. All brought together for the love of music. They all have their own style. No one artist sounds like the next and together amazing is to say the least.
3rd Coast G’s got together in a small town named Lufkin. Texas; yea we know you may have no idea where Lufkin, Texas is located in East Texas. However, we’re pretty sure you have heard of the Dallas Cowboy’s super star receiver Dez Bryant. It’s his hometown but when it’s all said and done, trust you will know exactly where Lufkin, Texas is located.

Young Gutta of 3rd Coast G’s – Ain’t Complaining

3rd Coast G’s intends to come out in this industry and takes their place in the hip-hop scene. Although they’re coming out under an Independent Label ‘Feel Good Entertainment’ they are something to be talked about. Even under an independent label the 3rd Coast G’s understand fully that they have it even harder to make a mark on this Industry and trust they are ready for the challenge.
3rd Coast G’s have had their hard times in this thing we call life and now they’re ready to show the world what they can do when really focused, regardless, of nae sayers. 3rd Coast G’s are ready for that challenge too so just be on the lookout for 3rd Coast G’s coming to a radio, city, town, cd near you!

3rd Coast G’s – LIVE INTERVIEW


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