Ad-Vice - Master of None Albums "Checkered Flags".

Ad-Vice – Album “Master of None”


A recording artist with a business sense, a passion for learning and a heart to educate others sums up the mindset of Frank “Ad-vice” Lewis. A native of Northeast Portland, Oregon, Ad-vice found his way to California when he came to play college football in Santa Maria. His transfer to the University of Redlands made him a permanent resident of Southern California.
As a performer, his fascination with making music began in the mid 90s when he would use his brother’s dj equipment. From there he began writing. His mom made what would be the greatest contribution to his future, purchasing Ad-vice a karaoke machine.

Ad-Vice – High Stakes

He used this machine to make mixtapes that he would later distribute at school. The more he received positive feedback from his peers, the more tapes he produced.
In 2010 Ad-vice released Crucial Elements and is now working on his latest album titled “Master of None” due to be released in the fourth quarter of 2012.
Ad-vice released the latest track from the forthcoming album Master of None titled Checkered Flag on May 14th.

Ad-Vice – Say It with Ya chest



“Changing the World, One Voice at a Time.”


Ad-vice “Checkered Flag” Official Music Video


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