Rouzy Rouz

Rouzy Rouz


Rouzy Rouz was born on July 17, 1989 in the east side of Bakersfield, California. The first generation Persian-American in his family, Rouzy was sought to be the opening of a new era to his family across seas. Rouzy grew up just as an average hard-working student and athlete. With a passion for soccer, Rouzy was able to standout in his local community as not only a great player but also a scholar athlete. Rouzy did not grow up with any intentions of become a famous actor or musician, but always enjoyed learning and listening to all types of music and movies. He also played the keyboard/piano and self-taught himself to play the guitar and bass.
Growing up as an honors student, Rouzy looked towards the medical field as a potential career path to what he thought his life would become revolved around. After graduating from Highland High School in 2007, Rouzy continued his education to the University of California, Irvine. At UC Irvine Rouzy studied in the Biological Sciences department with the intentions of becoming a Physician Assistant in the medical field. During his time at UC Irvine Rouzy also played for the universities Men’s Club Soccer team, worked two jobs, and also interned for two organizations. With a very busy schedule, Rouzy barely had any free time to ever try out something he truly wanted to just do for himself. After completing an internship at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, California as a Clinical Care Extender, Rouzy realized that he was not really following the career path that he truly had a passion for. With this change in perspective, Rouzy changed his major to Sociology with a new intention on pursuing something he enjoyed. During his time as a social science major Rouzy had no idea of what path he was truly going to continue with his new degree. Being very goal oriented, Rouzy had set a list of things he wanted to accomplish before the age of 23, and one of his goals was to create his first ever mixtape. With a motive to complete his goals, Rouzy took on extra classes at UC Irvine in order to graduate early from the university.

Rouzy Rouz – Dance On Me ft. Kurupt & Shawn Isaac

After graduating early from UC Irvine, Rouzy started out on accomplishing his first goal right away. Still working two jobs at the time, Rouzy used every bit of extra time he had to work on music and really develop a new sound that he wanted to bring out to the community in his college apartment. At the same time Rouzy decided it was important to continue his education and began to apply to graduate schools with healthcare administration departments (still having the passion to possess a career that would give back to the community in whatever way possible). Once the actual 2011 school year ended, Rouzy moved back home to Bakersfield for the summer where he was fortunate enough to team up with successful studio engineer Nick Forcillo (who has done work with artists: Korn, Adema, Johnny Cash, and Buck Owens). After working very hard throughout the summer on developing his first ever mixtape, Rouzy was able to release his first mixtape Duty Calls two days after his 22nd birthday. The release of the mixtape opened many new doors for Rouzy. With a great positive reaction from his new supporters, Rouzy was able to begin booking shows, connecting with other up and coming artists.
Rouzy is currently completing his Master’s degree at California State University, Los Angeles, while continuing his passion for writing and producing music.



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