DirtyGamez is one of the most Active Hip Hop Urban Musicians in the State. We have been making music for 11 years and focus on connecting with our listeners. The beats are 3 dimensional and smooth, add an emphasis on lyricism, and you have the magical, captivating sound of DirtyGamez. With over 200,000 cds in circulation it will not be a surprise to our loyal fans that we have finally started to appeal to the masses.

Ko DirtyGamez – IronMan

Music is emotion, a little science, some soul, and allot of heart. Our music compels us, and we are inspired by the sounds and each others lives. Our Group Consists of 24 rappers, a handful are incarcerated for keeping it too real……KO is CEO, JS & Eternal are Co-Vice Presidents, C-Rag, Bosh Gramz, LazyB, LilMak, MakMurda Chiefa, YellaBoi, Pyrex, SylverDawn, Remedy, Drama, Diverse, Official, SID, SIN, Ramo, Dangerous, Kandace, TweetyBird, Mix, Street.
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