With a Creative sound, a Charismatic demeanour and a Commanding presence both on stage and in the mixing room the MC prefix before his name rightfully stands as a silent acknowledgement that hip-hop rapper and producer 3C is more than a Master of Ceremonies; he is the Maestro of Crunk.

From his hometown of Forsyth, Georgia to the dominating force of a constantly growing and evolving artist he has become in Washington DC, 3C has travelled several miles and a lifetime away from being just a young boy with a passion for singing; his single minded focus through even the most trying of life’s trials has lent him a maturity and emboldening of fortitude that has culminated in his latest iTunes troubling album release, ’Adjustment Disorder’.

Like a kerb-side confessional 3C delivers an album that holds nothing back in its brutal reflection of the circumstance and cruel inspirations of the real world that drives the album, describes a way of life rather than a La-La Land lifestyle. There is a realness weaved throughout that shows an artist exposing his soul with an open honesty, releasing music that has passion, integrity and a genuine sense of connection with his audience.

Already having a natural talent for performing 3C began developing what would soon become his own unique style battling with other MC’s, his earlier recording onto cassettes and then pouring over the out-put to further fine tune his craft showing him to be on another level compared to the so-called competition, effortlessly leaving them and the audience speechless at his skill.

Having established himself as a force to contend with 3C met with another similar force in the artist ‘Hurricane’. An equal to his talent, the two began battling one another until inspired to work together as the dual-governance of sound, forming the group known as ‘Ghetto Criminals’.

Forging their strength as a group with performances throughout Georgia even 3C’s own turbulent personal life did nothing to stop their appearances igniting the airwaves and drenching audiences in the tsunami of sound that was the ‘Ghetto Criminals’.


3C – Clown Around

During this period of mixed fortune 3C continued to write of the life he was finding himself in, the events laying the foundations of inspiration and culminating in his first full length album, the 2007 release of ‘Mind Killa’.

A move to Washington, DC in 2008 saw 3C appearing across various venues and stages throughout the city, and it wasn’t long before he caught the ear and attentions of several well placed connections. Within the year 3C would release his second album, ‘Psychoanalysis’, which not only broadened his sound but drew a much larger audience than had previously been possible for a solo artist in Forsyth.

As a group the ‘Ghetto Criminals’ had already begun to outgrow his hometown, but in March of 2009 his friend and fellow ‘Ghetto Criminals’ member Hurricane sadly passed away, succumbing to medical conditions and leaving behind a legacy never to be repeated.

Devastated, 3C managed to turn sorrow into strength, to take the ideals he and Hurricane had forged within their friendship and from their performances together on stage to music of unprecedented force, unbelievable vision, and unparalleled equal that sees his latest album ‘Adjustment Disorder’ being received to audience and critical acclaim.

With the international world waking up to the fearsome energy of power causing a stir in DC and forcing its ears open to the formidable force of free-flowing power controlled by hands of an artiste, 3C is more than simply a musician who is Creative, Charismatic, and Commanding; he is Changing the industry through the marketing and promoting of his own personal brand, Controlling the scene with hints of a much requested mixtape, and unleashing his Crunkness like a human tornado while devastating delight with plans of a thundering tour.




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