With a steady grind, confident lyrics, catchy hooks and a charismatic delivery, Neno Black and Malcolm Jamal (both 28yrs old) are on the road to make an immediate impact in the music industry.
Hailing from Chicago Heights, IL the BlacqGang is looking forward to the grind and hard work needed to be successful.
With solid reviews from their first L.P entitled “Almost Famous”, it’s easy to say music plays a major part in their lives.

“I can remember when I used to follow my big brother to the studio at the age of 5; so honestly, music was the only thing I knew and that’s why I take it so serious”.

With buzzing hits like “Rich n’ Famous” and “It’s Easy”, Hanlitt’s duo future is looking pretty bright.

BlackSupaHeros – Come Get It


“I’m more of the cocky one, because I know we got the talent and anything we want, we can get it. As long as we keep working hard and stay focused, we’ll be good”.

Influenced by the greats like Biggie Smalls, Nas, and Jay-z, this young duo plans to carry on the tradition of hip hop on their back.
Best friends since high school and the best two rappers in the area, both decided; instead of being two solo acts, that they should team up and hit the people with double trouble.

“I love duos like Outkast, Mobb Deep, Clispe and E.P.”


“Most respect to those dudes because they did pave the way but we will one day go down as the best duo of all time. Our potential is higher than gas back in 2008, so get used to the ‘name’ BlackSupaHeros.

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