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Introducing the Bay Area’s own Hip Hop Artist “Chris Perkins.” Chris, formerly known as Vitamin C, a Motown/Mojazz Recording Artist, emerged on the secular music scene over 15 years ago working with Hip Hop Jazz recording artist J-Spencer, Times 3, Dina D, Ben B Hard and many other rap artists and musicians.

Born and raised in Oakland CA., Chris established himself in the music industry as a rapper turned producer/writer who lived life “on stage”. Today he is one of only a few Hip Hop artists dedicated to changing lives and changing the mindset of our newer generation.

Believing that there is power in the tongue, Chris turned his negative rap style into a positive lifestyle in an effort to give back some of what he may have taken during his negative reign in the industry.

Chris Perkins – On Top Of The World

“Offstage” takes you on a positive Hip Hop journey beyond the spotlights. Positive, yet still “Street”. He believes that music was meant to heal, not kill.

“Offstage is a breath of fresh air to the music industry”. This CD combines an unusual blend of street flow with head banging grooves in such a way where all ages can enjoy.

“The Real You Shines Offstage” Smooth Hip Hop/R&B style music under powerful positive lyrics with a delivery that demands attention are the make-up of Chris Perkins’ senior project “OFFSTAGE”. A positive rapper with a positive lyrical message reaching the neighborhoods and taking no short cuts to do it.

The single, “On Top Of The World” is Available Now! iTunes:

Chris Perkins – LIVE INTERVIEW

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