To Be Lyrical, or Not To Be” is not the question, when it comes to Emory Forbes. Also, known as; Steven Sutton was born in Baltimore, MD on February 27, 1990. Introduced to the art of hip-hop at the age of 12, he soon began to master the freestyle. Heavily influenced by all music, Forbes admires artists like; Eminem, Jay-z, Nas, Big L, Big Pun, and the lists goes on and on.

At the age of 19, he enlisted in the US military and moved to Lompoc, CA. It was there where a mutual friend introduced him to legendary producer Reckah (Rex Lee). Together, they created Emory’s debut project, and one of the best mixtape releases of 2011, “Live From The Bottom”, which received high praise from many independent outlets including an IMA nomination for best Hip-Hop/Rap Album. “Live From The Bottom” was his first recording, and there were a lot of emotions put into it. “I had lost a lot of the things that I cared about,and I wasn’t making any progress with the music that I was making, so I just tried to put that all in the CD to let the world know how I was feeling, says Forbes.

Emory Forbes – Toast

While still focusing on his music, Emory began to branch out into theatrical and cinema performance. During many months of 2012, Mr. Forbes showed off his acting skills in live stage productions.

Forbes’ upcoming album will also display his multi-faceted mix of talents, which include rapping, as well as vocal performances. The self-titled album is set for release on January 15th and will contain several hip-hop based tracks, yet also some selections of urban and R&B flavored mixes. This artist is so diverse; he can be described as a “renaissance man”.


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