Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, K.O.B has been rapping ever since the young age of 16.

K.O.B started out just rapping for his neighborhood friends but when he turned 18, he started taking his craft more seriously.

K.O.B’S first project was being a part of a compilation titled, “No More Questions” which had released in 2003. He was featured on two songs from that project, as well as, releasing a solo song that featured his brother and titled, “I Was Blind”. The project consisted mostly of neighborhood friends of which he had grown up with.

K.O.B released his first solo mixtape in 2005 titled, “I Just Wanna Rap” and it did well on an underground level. He even outwitted with a second mixtape in 2010 titled “3020”.

In feeling lyrically ahead of the game, he wanted to give music a futuristic title in 2014. K.O.B and a partner released a group project called “Da Pimp & Da Hu$tl@”. They began to perform on a regular basis; at all the local clubs.

K.O.B. – Show Me

It was around that same time K.O.B had started his own record label called U$@, Inc., which stands for United $treet$ of Amerik@; symbolic for the streets/underworld coming together to get money around. He also started producing his own tracks.

In February of 2016, K.O.B an EP titled “Hu$tl@ Muzik” and under his own label U$@, Inc. He had produced all the track and is available for purchase at

K.O.B has also been producing tracks for local acts and would describe his style as versatile and lyrical with allot of innovation and substance for the masses.

His latest track off the EP is titled “Show Me”.

K.O.B’s influences are 2PAC, NAS, 8ball Mac from No Limit, Scarface and Biggie; just to name a few.


K.O.B. – Interview

“Until you want success more than you want sleep, you will never be the best!”



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