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Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, 1st Degree and J-Raw of Division 1 are preparing to take over the entertainment world as they produce one hit after another. Their latest mixtape, hosted by DJ Uncut, has served to gain much attention for this up and coming group, as they continue to work on upcoming releases and venture further into the world of merchandising. In the past couple of years, Division 1 has performed in Houston, Atlanta and New Orleans, and has even opened for several legendary acts, most notably 3-6 Mafia.
With the unique perspective that only being raised in New Orleans’ Downtown area can bring, these 9th Ward and New Orleans East natives fuse a glossy, attractive finish with lyrics dealing with some of life’s grittier and more harrowing experiences. Division 1 also manages to belt out hits ranging from street anthems, to catchy tunes, to something for the ladies.
New Orleans culture has been a colossal influence on Division 1. As 1st Degree puts it, “New Orleans is a big influence in my music – from the way I talk, dress … My music is a reflection of me and I’m a reflection of New Orleans.” 1st Degree immersed himself in music when he was younger, as a way to occupy his time following the passing of his father. His vision for his future includes continuing to produce quality music, while working toward developing his own entertainment company. Having been influenced by legends such as Jay-Z, Nas & Tupac Shakur, 1st Degree is certain to take his place among the stars one day very soon.

Division 1 – Girls Across the World

J-Raw, the other half of Division 1, was also heavily influenced by New Orleans. In his words, “New Orleans makes you hard, it makes you angry, it makes you tough and it reflects in my music. It makes your lyrics a hundred times harder than those of a person from another city. Though my style is more similar to New York, New Orleans just brings the hard edge to it.” J-Raw cites as his influences some of rap’s most prolific artists, including Notorious B.I.G., Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Mystikal, MAC, B.G., A Tribe Called Quest, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Jay-Z, Tupac, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Redman, and just about all New York artists. J-Raw’s solo mixtape, “Sicker Than Yo Average” is set to make its debut later this year. He aspires to be at the top of the rap game within the next decade, as well as working in radio and film.
Division 1 Presents the hit single “Girls Across The World” which is now released on iTunes and available for download at
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