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Michael X Vincent is a music artist with a mission. He’s dedicated to empowering listeners with a message of hope, change, and revolution. Raised between Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and Atlanta, Michael knew at just 15 that Hip Hop was one of his passions. As a Muslim follower of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, he is focused on fulfilling his purpose and using his talents to aid in his spiritual leader’s efforts.
“Minister Louis Farrakhan loves the Hip Hop generation and wants to see us step into our great roles,” says Michael. “He has asked the cultural community to stand up and put a revolutionary thinking into the minds of the people.”
Musically, what sets Michael X apart is his ability to incorporate positive messages without coming off preachy in the way many “conscious” artists tend to. Although he doesn’t use foul language, the skilled lyricist can go as hard as the next rapper.

Michael X – Economic Blueprint

Inspired by artists such as Bone Thugs ’n’ Harmony, Jay-Z, T.I., Kendrick Lamar, Talib Kweli and Michael Jackson, his desire is to make feel-good music that brings awareness of society’s issues.
One of the ways the emerging artist is doing this is by promoting Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint with his latest song, appropriately titled, “Economic Blueprint”. The initiative calls for Black people to unite their dollars to produce their own jobs, food, clothing, and shelter.
“I know that once we get land, which is the main idea of the program, it will not only benefit agriculture and engineering, but literally every field of endeavor our people are involved in,” says Michael.
Michael X also has a school tour in the works, during which he will share his video for “New Rulers” – an inspirational song featuring 4th, 5th, and 6th grade boys.

Michael X – ‘New Rulers’ Official Music Video


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