From the streets of downtown Asheville, NC’s District 1, Skinnyboy grew up in the notorious (Wilbar Ave.) Lee Walker Heights housing projects.
Skinnyboy brings to the forefront the grimy reality of “The other side” of the #1 tourist destination in the country.
Bringing you the truth instead of rap, Skinnyboy is determined to separate himself from the rest. Some musical influences include (but are not limited to T.I., Cash Money, Young Jeezy, Scarface, Migos etc.
“You have to be influenced by what’s old-school as well as what’s current in order to remain relevant”, says Skinnyboy.
After buzzing the streets with his debut single ” Dopeman dance” off the 2005 album “Wrist Game”, Skinnyboy continued to feed the streets with three more follow up albums (“skinnyboy3x”, “look at me”, and “Blocc noise vol.1”.
Back after an unfortunate incarceration with over 20 mix-tape releases, and over 10,000 units moved independently, Skinnyboy has proven a hard and steady grind.

Skinnyboy – Get 2 It

CEO of his own D.M.G Imprint (Downtown Music Group), a clothing line D.M.G (Dope Money Garments), and an inner-city non-profit in the works, Skinnyboy has shown more than a savvy mind frame when it comes to business. “I’ve never been more determined to substantiate myself as a reputable in this industry. You have to treat every day as if you’re on the shot clock. When people see the D.M.G stamp, there won’t be any explanation needed lol”.
With current hits like “Get 2 It”, “Choppa Karate”, and “Shawty u look good” Skinnyboy is keeping his promise to deliver nothing but the best to the streets. Most anticipated mixtape of 2015 G-Code coming soon!!!! Download Skinnyboy’s new hit single “Get 2 It” on iTunes, google play, amazon and more.
Skinnyboy Presents his hit single “Get 2 It” which is now released on iTunes and available for download at https://itunes.apple.com/album/id955985567
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