The Minotaur is not the average around the way Artist, he actually is very brilliant and hilarious when it comes to character. His intimidating size factor will give you a respect mentality, although his nature is like that of a Teddy Bear.

The Minotaur’s “Bar None” Mic Skills will leave you in a “Transitional Mind State”.

The Minotaur has a raspy/bass filled voice with a “Stupid Dope” delivery and his impact on the Underground Music Scene is putting an interesting spin on things. There is a certainty about The Minotaur and the “Word” about him is, that he is “Official”. Just Keep Watching……

The Minotaur – Today-Phuk…. I-T

The Minotaur’s Music is available in all Major Online Stores including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Rhapsody, iHeart Radio, Google Play, Amazon MP3, etc.

The Minotaur – Interview 051216

“Until you want success more than you want sleep, you will never be the best!”



Hip-Hop & Rap

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