If you have been paying attention to the underground music scene, you have heard Rhyme Scheme.
Having grown up in Detroit’s inner-city, and served a tour in Iraq, Rhyme Scheme delivers evocative messages through his lyrical talents that are quickly gaining notoriety. A recent reviewer of his “All Black” album stated, “His Tupac influence came out here; in the freestyle, and other places in the record. I truly feel he would obliterate many independent rappers in a freestyle battle.” The depth of his lyrics, mixed with a fused sound of old-school hip hop with modern delivery is creating quite a buzz.
Rhyme Scheme was chosen as “Artist of Tha Month” on Soundz Taight – Tha Indie Spot, been featured on the covers of “The Underground Fix Magazine and BWD Magazine”, included in the XXL issue with G-Unit on the cover, as well as, featured in the A&R Report of “Urban Magazine”. He is going to also appear in Fall/Winter issue of “Blockz Magazine”.
The video for his ‘Time Will Fly’ single off the “All Black” album has garnered huge attention from fans receiving over 106,000 views in just over a month on YoRaps.

Rhyme Scheme – Business Over Pleasure Feat. Young Noble & Yukmouth

Rhyme Scheme shows no signs of slowing down: his brand new single “Business Over Pleasure” featuring Young Noble and Yukmouth dropped at the number 2 spot in the iTop Charts for the US on October 15, 2014 and was released on “Smoke A Lot Radio” which airs on BReal TV. The Legendary DJ Ron G interviewed Rhyme Scheme on October 21, 2014 saying “Love the energy on your tracks! You don’t hear music like this anymore.” He was also on “Streetseekers Radio” October 26, 2014 chopping it up with DJ Blackwater; which was also a great way for Rhyme Scheme to connect with his international fan base.
The reviews from fans are in for ‘Business Over Pleasure’: “Skills for days on this track”. “Beat is banging”. “Lyrical magic pushing bars for days”. “Love it.” And “Unreal beat. This guy is the future of hip-hop! I love the old school vibe to this beat. His lyrics are freaky and next level. Somebody should give this guy a chance to change the game.”

Rhyme Scheme – Business Over Pleasure


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