Sparda Lanzetti is a rising Hip Hop Recording Artist/Songwriter looking to put NY, New York on the map.
Sparda Lanzetti isn’t the average rapper, he has been mastering his craft and putting in work for years.
Performing in cities all over the east coast and having released three mixtapes, with another mixtape and album on the way. Lanzetti is the breath of fresh air hip hop is looking for and has needed for a long time. If you are a fan of 90’s hip hop; where you actually had to be talented and lyrical to get on a record, this artist might be for you.

Sparda Lanzetti – “Anne Frank”

September 11th is a day where the United States mourns those lost at the Twin Towers in 2001. Sparda brings up the question, was 9/11 a “terrorist attack”. Whether you trust our government or not, Sparda raises the possibility of America turning into Nazi Germany with the appropriately titled song “Anne Frank”.
When asked to name some musical influences, Sparda Lanzetti gives a list of inspirations which have lent much to the creation of his latest work. These include legendary group “Wu-Tang, Eminem, Royce 5’9, Cam’ron, and Jay-Z”.
A cursory listen to his single “Anne Frank” is enough to understand that he is a rapper with much to say. More importantly, what Sparda Lanzetti has to say is well-written and of great social importance more often than not. Goat Masks 2 Mixtape drops on Black Friday 2015.

Sparda Lanzetti – LIVE INTERVIEW


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