Felipé Dro aka Phil Payne was born in Silver Spring, MD. He has always had many gifts, the main one being music which later resulted in him becoming a DMV rapper/singer.
PHILDAPHUTURE now going by Felipé Dro released his first mixtape titled, “Louder Than You”.
Felipé Dro’s first mixtape did very well in the DMV his leading single, “Stupid Dope Move”.
Felipé Dro is currently in the process of releasing his second mixtape titled, “Feilpe Don”.

Felipé Dro – Gas Station

Felipé Dro’s second mixtape will feature his hot new single “Gas Station” which has recently been released.
Felipé Dro is currently an independent artist on the rise.
“Shout out to CCCLXVIII Raheem DeVaughn”, Dro states, “for giving him his breakthrough in this music business”.
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