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If you have been paying attention to the underground music scene, you have heard of Rhyme Scheme, a rising Hip Hop artist making his claim to fame into Hip Hops mainstream. Having grown up in Detroit’s inner city, serving a tour in Iraq, and adapting to the diversity of California, Rhyme Scheme delivers evocative messages through his lyrical talents that are quickly gaining notoriety. The depth of his lyrics, mixed with a fused sound of old-school hip-hop with a modern delivery, has created an epic buzz with music lovers across the globe.
Meanwhile, early in his career, he was chosen as Artist of Tha Month on Soundz Taight – Tha Indie Spot, been featured on the cover of The Underground Fix Magazine, BWD magazine, XXL Magazine, and featured in the A&R Report of Urban magazine. With past works such as “Time Will Fly,” “Four Letters of Love,” and recently released “Business Over Pleasure” featuring Yukmouth and Young Noble, Rhyme Scheme shows no signs of slowing down. His brand new single released on April 7th “Critical Condition” featuring west coast legend Spice 1, Bad Azz, and Gwap Don Dolla Signs, is no doubt a west coast banger sure to stay playing for years to come. The track is lyrically reminiscent of the days when hip-hop was thriving on the west coast.

Rhyme Scheme – Critical Condition

“Progression EP,” featuring lyricist Armageddon of the Terror Squad, and Mopreme Shakur, released June 16 to pay respects to Tupac Shakur. One of the biggest changes to the Rhyme Scheme movement is the development of his record label D.R.S Entertainment along with his business partner Tanisha White, owner of Cali Gurl Real. Join the Rhyme Scheme movement and breathe life back into the very Hip Hop that started it all.

For the EP “Progression” or single, “Critical Condition” they are Available Now! iTunes: https://itun.es/i6LW3w2





Grab this track via “Progression” EP on iTunes too!

Rhyme Scheme – West coast Drama (Feat Bad Azz, Mopreme Shakur, Kese Soprano)



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