Fillthy Diviase A.K.A (FILLTHY RICH) born Joseph C. Sharp born and raised on the North side of Milwaukee. Experiencing the death of a family member and close friends, Fillthy became a product of the element of his environment. Surviving in the streets surrounded by drugs, violence and peer pressure of living on the North side of Milwaukee, Fillthy channeled his anger and energy into what motivated him. Inspired by musical influences such as 2Pac Shakur, Scare Face and Notorious Big.
At 17, Fillthy began performing at venues throughout Milwaukee, opening for top entertainers such as Cash Money Hot Boys, Crucial Conflict, and Twista, just to name a few.
In 2001, Fillthy worked with 414 Entertainment; a local record label, featured a single on Shife Niggaz VOL. I. Years later Fillthy found himself working with super producers such as Shawty Red & Kurt Kobane in Atlanta, GA.
Fillthy Rich A.K.A. Fillthy Diviase released his first official mixtape (M.O.B BOY) Hosted by DJ PEXCLUSIVEZ TSM on Live Mixtapes titled, “LETS THROW A DOPE BOY PARTY” featuring hometown artist “Racks” which was also Fillthy’s first official video.

Fillthy Diviase – Prollie

Since 2012, Diviase has relocated to Atlanta, GA., and has hit the music scene with his energetic flow.
Diviase continues to network and associate with some of Atlanta’s elite; in the music industry, such as Johnnie Cabbell, CEO of Global Vision Talent Agency.
Diviase has recorded features with LA Boomman & N8 of MMI for his EP; expecting a spring release.
Fans can get the latest updates on the official webpage WWW.FILLTHYDIVIASE.COM.
DIVIASE Inc. Presents his hit single “PROLLIE” which has also released on iTunes and available for download at and the official video coming soon.
Diviase is currently working on his second anticipated mixtape Hosted by DJ PEXCLUSIVEZ (BOYZ UP NORTH) which should hit the streets this summer.
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