The power of a dollar and how to go get it; instilled at an early age.


RAYMONEE (pronounced RAY MONEY) born Raymundo O’Kelley on January 22, 1981 in Atlanta, GA., raised in a two parent household as the second oldest of six children, who had the power of a dollar and how to go get it; instilled at an early age.
As a teen: sports, art and music were some of the main focuses and interests that kept “Raymonee” out of the streets but that wouldn’t last long.

Raymonee – “YOU AINT SEEN”

Moving to College Park, GA., “Raymonee” saw his life change in a way that would affect him forever. Putting down the books but never leaving them behind, he soon picked up and perfected his craft for rap music. Influenced by the likes of Too Short, UGK and OutKast just to name a few, he began to freestyle and even wrote a few raps. Later on, after being released from what he hoped to be his last correctional facility, “Raymonee” really took rapping “seriously” while helping to release the MONEY BEE/KMG projects “WELCOME TO BROWNTOWNE” & “THE UNDERSTANDING”. In the process of recording these projects is when “SOULSNATCHERS ENTERTAINMENT” (S.S.E) was formed and “Raymonee” became the C.E.O, Owner and President.
With the forming of S.S.E and “DOLLAZ STACKED HI”, the “Raymonee” owned publishing company, many other songs and projects were given a platform to be released.
“Raymonee” is the hardest working independent in the game! Be on the look out for the smash single “YOU AINT SEEN” by “Raymonee” and the blazing mixtape “MONEY AND THE POWER” Vol. 2.

BWD Radio w/Raymonee – Interview


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