It’s Mr. (Keep it Rellz), Chiparelli a Spa City artist born and raised in Arkansas.

Chiparelli started doing music as a teenager punchline artist somewhat influenced him. He grew up on classic songs while at the same time had an open ear for music. Once Chiparelli realized how simple it was to put forth an effort to make a song, that could drew attention, it became easier for him to make nothing but head bangers.

Chiparelli Rellz – Tryna Hit That

Even though Chiparelli is a southern head, he tends to have an east coast style. Music has always been a motivation for Chiparelli by using it in different ways of life, while not letting the bad influence me but having the positive enlighten me more.


Chiparelli Rellz – Interview

“Until you want success more than you want sleep, you will never be the best!”



Hip-Hop & Rap

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