Deon & GB two cousins Born and Raised in Augusta, Georgia currently working on a collaboration album entitled “OVER DUE”.

The Duo 1st began recording together in the late 90’s with two other family members calling themselves “GOLATT BOYZ”. Using their government last name. After a few failed studio sessions and no completed project from the group they eventually disbanded and went their separate ways.

Deon & GB being the lyricists in the group remained in contact over the years even while the two were serving prison time on drug related offences.

With plans to reunite and someday record again the pair reunited in the early 2000’s; featuring on a project with a group called Die Hard.

Deon & GB – Itz All Luv

That project was never released to the public and the material sat for years. Frustrated with the direction of that project GB started his own label Mobtek Recordz and put together his group project SUNSET CARTEL. However, the pair did not feature together on that project but would reunite again to assist each other on solo projects. After years of talk and plans to collaborate on a full project together the opportunity arose over a phone conversation in 2014 and the pair would begin to work on their 1st project together as a Duo.

The project entitled “Over Due” began its recording process in 2014. The recording process was slow at the beginning due to a lack of communication between the artists at that time. The pair began working on the project again in 2016 and wouldn’t stop until the project was completed.

Satisfied with the material and the direction of the album they decided to promote their 1st single entitled “Itz All Luv” through digital/Internet radio.

Deon & GB are definitely a force to be reckoned with. An album full of substance and a look at the harsh reality of the streets. Over Due is sure to stand the test of time.



“Until you want success more than you want sleep, you will never be the best!”



Hip-Hop & Rap

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