MassHolz is a Boston based hip-hop group consisting of four members; SmokeStack (myself), J.Riley, Demko, and our newest artist Bo$$town.

Formed in 2012 we have only released 1 full length mixtape and the quality of our music has improved greatly since its release on Datpiff, over 2 and a half years ago. Our music has been featured on countless Dj Young Cee and Dj Gemstarr mixtapes currently available on DatPiff and

In 2015 Bo$$town officially joined us so him and I began working on a joint mixtape called The Beat Brothers. We have yet to release the mixtape however we have released a few of the tracks for promotional purposes. One of which is titled ‘Boston Strong’. It features myself, Bo$$town and J.Riley, and is a 100% promotional track. As of right now none of our music is available for purchase. Not because we don’t necessarily own the rights to every song, but because our fan base has only recently grown to a point where it would even be worthwhile to post on iTunes. Once released, a select few tracks will be on iTunes, however ‘Boston Strong’ will not be one of them.

MassHolz – Boston Strong

We are proud to say we are in a transitional phase of our music careers and look forward to expanding our image and brand not only with the release and promotion of this upcoming mixtape but also with the release of our first official music video and local tour. We have been told in the past that our live show needs to be seen to believe and our style can be described as The Beastie Boys mixed with D12 and a touch of Wu-Tang.

Simply put, we are trying to put more focus on our music then our image but in order to promote and expand it’s time to step it up.

MassHolz – Live Interview


“Until you want success more than you want sleep, you will never be the best!”



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