RAM DOGG P is a hip hop artist from Amsterdam south east who has been active in the music industry for years.

RAM DOGG P began as a MC in 1993 and in 1994 he was the co-founder of the rap group AMON.

After six successful years on an national level, all the members of the group started their own solo careers.

In 2001 RAM DOGG P built his own home recording studio and in 2002 he decided that he wanted to know more about the production side of the music. The making of his own beats was a result of this.

Ram Dogg P – Stay Husstlin’

Over a period of four years he developed his own original production style and because of that he started his own record label, in 2006 called JUNGLE BOOGY ENTERTAINMENT.

After releasing two singles and one album he decided to give the leadership to a friend who would take care of the company’s further development.

When the transfer was completed Ram Dogg P decided to start another record label in 2007 called RDP Records. That is the record label he still releases his music on till this day.

In 2015, Ram Dogg P successfully completed his Audio Engineering Certificate at S.A.E. (school for audio engineering) and because of that he started working on his new album which is scheduled for release in 2017.


“Until you want success more than you want sleep, you will never be the best!”



Hip-Hop & Rap

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