Romandrey Manning, aka, Roman Da’Fro is a southern rap artist hailing from Garland, TX., at the age of 19 years old.

Roman Da’Fro is a loyal representative of Front Runnah Records and has been rapping now for about a year and a half, faithfully. Roman’s motivation towards his music creating comes from an area of the love for true Hip Hop, and music in general.

Roman Da’Fro is not motivated by hunger of just wanting quick money, but for the reason of good music needing reintroducing. He also loves originality, and that’s the purpose of the natural afro that he rocks.

Da’Fro possesses a broad, and very vivid imagination, while being very candid in his lyrics.

Roman Da’Fro – Flawlessly Imperfect

Roman Da’Fro’s mixtape contains a wide variety of music, consisting of 14 well mixed and produced tracks, titled “Ace In Da’ Hole”, now on iTunes and Google Play. His breakout single, “Flawlessly Imperfect” is a track that basically sounds like a diss, but it really just explains how women should love themselves, and not try to create an image based on the general publics’ likings.

Roman Da’Fro always tries to deliver a message which explains his love for true Hip Hop. Give him a listen and you’ll discover that he is very energetic, honest, and truly a hard worker at his craft.


Roman Da’Fro – Live Interview


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