Nimrod Wildfire

Corporate Refugee is the first record from Rochester NY musician Bob Miller and his band, Nimrod Wildfire. After owning a software company for many years, Miller sold the business and has devoted himself to songwriting and his first powerful passion, music.
Bob caught the guitar bug early and was fortunate to be a performer in the London pub scene in the early Seventies. He found work as a session guitarist and upon returning to the US, attended Berklee School of Music to earn a degree in composition.
This proved to be poor timing, since live studio musicians were quickly being displaced by computers. Deciding to switch rather than fight, Bob wound up owning a software company.
Corporate Refugee was recorded at Warmfuzz Studios in London in 2012 by veteran producer Lan Shaw (Nick Heyward – Haircut One Hundred, Riot Grrls, Kelly’s Heels) under the brand name Nimrod Wildfire. The record also features Bob’s longtime friend UK guitarist and bass player Matt Backer (Julian Lennon, Martin Fry and ABC, Nick Heyward, Bananarama).

Nimrod Wildfire – 707

“Dreams of Adelaide” is the first single from Corporate Refugee. The forlorn tale of a lonely man finding online love, “Dreams of Adelaide” sounds as if it were culled from an early Birds album. Jangley guitars, an instantly memorable chorus and dreamy lyrics make “Dreams of Adelaide” a new reflection on a classic roots rock sound.
Nimrod Wildfire was the named given to a character that satirically represented David Crockett as a rough around-the-edges representative of the New World in the stage play, “The Lion of the West” (J.K. Paulding, 1831). The original Nimrod Wildfire claimed he could “jump higher, squat lower, dive deeper and come up drier” than “all the fellers either side of the Alleghany hills” (ed. 1954, p. 27) “And let all the fellers in New York know–
In the play, Nimrod meets up with a stiff European character named Amelia Wallope, meant to portray the author of Domestic Manners of the Americans, Frances Trollope. “The Lion of the West” enjoyed much success on tour, and was edited by several authors as it traveled back and forth across the Atlantic.

Nimrod Wildfire – 707 – Live Performance


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