The Kelsey B

“Pop Synth Sex Beat”

Kelsey B burst into the music scene in 2011 with her Billboard Dance Top 20 hit “Beauty Queen”.
The track was quickly endorsed and adored by a large group of underground DJs, in which it picked up a huge young adult and LGBT following. After her performance at “TIGERHEAT LA Avalon”, fans poured in from all over the world. Views skyrocketed on her celebrated Youtube videos, and Abercrombie, Armani and Victoria’s Secret picked up the hot track for store play. Popular remixers caught wind of the rising star and remixed “Beauty Queen” including Rod Carrillo, Liam Keegan, Eddie Amador, and Manny Lehman. Topping all charts (US Billboard Dance #19, NY Music Pool #10, Next Music Pool #1), it soon came LA radio play, amd she became the headline for Santa Cruz Pride and Mykee B’s Neon Blackout.

Kelsey B – Pound

Kelsey recently finished her 16 song debut album “Pop Synth Sex Beat.” Her album was executive produced by Rod Carrillo and includes collaborations with Lee Dagger of Bimbo Jones, Liam Keegan, Noise Mac, Andy Eubanks, Matt Fox and Them Lost Boys. With her sexy vocals and a daring new style, Kelsey B announced her album release with performances at Los Angeles Pride, WMC in Miami, and Detriot Pride, along with shows in West Hollywood, Hollywood, and Phoenix.
Originally from Bakersfield California, Kelsey was raised training in percussion, voice, and dance. At age ten she became a professionally working young actress in three different theater companies in town. She moved to LA to major in Theatre Arts at Loyola Marymount University. She graduated magnum cum laude and continued to have great success/reviews in the Los Angeles theater circuit post graduation.
She had been performing her own tracks and collecting young fans in North Hollywood. Her dance tracks “Pool Party” and “Drunk Drama” had her booked at every bar on Santa Monica Blvd by the summer of 2009, and had producers buzzing about the unsigned artist at WMC in Miami in 2010. Carrillo Music signed Kelsey B late August 2010 and started shaping the theatrical performer into a pop-dance sensation.

Kelsey B – Live Performance – “Pound”


BWD Radio w/Kelsey B – Interview


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