Twenty year old Sydney Alese is an up and coming singer/songwriter and guitar/ukulele player originating from Mesa, Arizona.
Sydney found her passion for music early on, after one day watching the band ‘Fall Out Boy’ perform live on MTV’s TRL.
In middle school she began to take singing seriously after joining her school’s choir, and not too soon after began to write her own lyrics. At fourteen Sydney Alese started playing the guitar and writing full songs, becoming heavily influenced by artists like ‘NeverShoutNever’, ‘Owl City’, ‘The Ready Set’ and ‘Panic! At the Disco’.

Sydney Alese – Time

After graduating from high school, she went on to record her debut album “Time”, a record that combines her relatable experiences during her teen years with pop beats and acoustic melodies.
With the help of the promotions company ‘Tinderbox Music’, multiple songs from “Time”, such as “Pass You By” and “Love In The Night”, began to play frequently on over 100 college radio stations in the US. Of course, that’s just the beginning as Sydney Alese plans to make music for her fans for the rest of her life.
If just one person feels inspired by Sydney Alese to make music themselves, or just dances to her music in their bedrooms, she’ll tell you she’s living out her dream.
For the single, “Time”. Available Now! iTunes:

Sydney Alese – ‘Time’ Official Music Video







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