Quincy Forte

Great acoustic guitar sounds and vocals.


Former member of Chasing February and Ducado Vega and Bloodrich, I have crafted my talents, throughout the Dallas local music scene, since 2003. However, with my growth as a person and musical evolution, I decided that it was finally time to show the world a story that has been a few years in the making.

Quincy Forte – “Something We Need?”

In writing for the EP “Something We Need?” I channeled some of my earlier influences in Incubus, Jason Mraz, and Dave Matthews. And over the two-year span that it took me to piece together these particular songs, I found myself experimenting with many different styles. Never having performed as a solo act, I found myself torn and in search of who I was as an artist. I often thought, “because I can rap I should do that”, or “I need a rock band for anyone to dig my music”. But somewhere along the way I re-discovered the great storytellers in Bill Withers, Otis Redding, and even Ben Harper. This was when I realized that this is what I wanted to be as an artist. Too often today artist get pigeonholed into being someone that they are not to please the multitudes and make money. But for me, especially as an African-American musician, I want to show that there are still black singer/songwriters and that you don’t necessarily have to do hip-hop.
From birth I have always gravitated towards rock music. My mom used to get upset when as a kid I would change the station, whenever she left the room, to some loud station blaring AC/DC. Then in 2000 I started playing guitar and found an outlet in which I could combine my poetry talents with music to tell a story and move people. For a time I was scared to embrace my love for rock music because it was pretty much frowned upon growing up by the people in our community. However I feel that through it all, the lesson I learned was that sometimes it is cool to be uncool. I realized that there are many legendary African-American musicians that I could look up to that have done exactly what I love doing and didn’t care what people thought. That is exactly where I feel that I have evolved to and now I feel that I am in a place to make music to tell my stories.

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