Amanda was born on September 22, 1995 to a very musical family. Born the youngest of three children, Amanda commanded attention. Very early on in her life it was obvious that Amanda was very outspoken and talented. She performed anywhere and everywhere she could. Since her family loved to sing, Amanda took direction very well especially from her grandmother Lu Lu. Every Sunday, Amanda would show off her new routine and would be critiqued and praised when necessary. While in school Amanda participated in every musical and talent show she could.
Upon entering middle school it was obvious Amanda would attend The Bay Academy for Performing Arts. Amanda thrived there and soon was auditioning to attend LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts. During her years at LaGuardia High School, Amanda was part of the Show Choir, Gospel Choir and Women’s Advanced Choir. After school hours, Amanda was part of the Ridge Chorale’s Young Adults Theatre Group. Her presence on stage was captivating, along with her gift of singing. For the next several years, Amanda performed in many musicals. She also performed at many community gatherings for local fundraisers, 911 memorials and the National Anthem at Keyspan Park to mention a few.

Amanda Marucci – Alive

Fast forward to the present, Amanda signed a recording contract with One Mind Music and Producer John Campos and her musically talented singer/songwriter sister Christen Marucci of One Mind Music. John and Christen produced and wrote the song specifically for Amanda. The song was then mastered by legendary mastering engineer. Chris Gehringer (Robyn Thicke “Blurred Lines. Demi Lovato Neon Lights etc ) Her single “Alive” is now out on Itunes and will be available worldwide through all major online digital music retailers and music streaming services such as Spotify and Emusic.
Amanda is hoping to live out her life long dream. Pick up your copy today and see what everyone is talking about.
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