Moosh Millionz

Mushran “Moosh Millionz” Johnson started pursuing a profession in the music business in 1992 at the age of 17. After placing 2nd in Uber-Producer Teddy Riley’s 1st Annual Talent Showcase in VA Beach, VA, as part of the group Kazual Harmony (which consisted of his high school buddies), young Moosh would be forever be changed by this experience.
Moosh formed the singing group Prodizja (Protégé) in 1995 and performed at several venues in the Norfolk/VA Beach area. The group would be discovered in 1997 by a production team called Ghetto Slick Productions. This was Moosh’s first real exposure to the music industry. Ghetto Slick was the company behind the sound of platinum acts like Jaheim, Next and Donnel Jones, to name a few. It was here that he first learned the value of working around the clock to produce great records.
In 1999, Moosh was signed to Florida based record label Finesse Records by Alber “Skido” Ortiz. By now, Moosh was a solo artist just trying to stay alive in the music business. Through the guidance of Ortiz, Moosh would gain a greater understanding of his gift as a singer and songwriter, as well as, a greater understanding of the spiritual nature of his journey.

Moosh Millionz – A Lil Bit Mo

Around 2001, Moosh moved back to Virginia after the usual industry politics foiled Finesse Records’ plans. At this point, he started to dabble in music production with the hopes of duplicating the success of fellow Virginians, Pharrell, Timbaland and Missy Elliot. The next year he would land a position as an on staff writer/producer at Unique Productions Inc., which was owned and operated by Grammy winning producer, Davel Bo Mckenzie (Mary J. Blige, Carl Thomas, Dave Hollister, etc.) Working in this environment would change Moosh once again, and sculpt him into the respected songwriter and producer he is today. The skills he learned at Unique would prepare him to be productive in the music game for years to come.
In 2006 Moosh would move into the management side of the music business and would form the company FM Bloom Music Group with his partners Maurice “First” Tonia and Kim Lumpkin (manager of Rodney Jerkins). They would go on to list as clients: Drew Sidora (SlipNslide Records, TLC movie) and Governor (G-Unit) among others.
Things have gone well behind the scenes for Moosh, but now he has his eyes squarely focused back on his first love… Creating timeless music. The first single “A Lil Bit Mo” off of his forthcoming debut album, is his first foray back into the crowded urban scene, but Moosh is confident that his gift will make room for him. He invites you to follow him on his journey.
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