Jerry Perkins, aka JP was born in Lufkin, Texas where his father was a pastor and his mother a skillful pianist and organist.

In church at age five, JP began singing and playing harmonica and later taught himself to play piano, guitar, and how to write songs by the age of 12.

At 13 JP went into the studio to record his first demo with a group formed by his older brother Isaac who also sang and played drums.

JP – That’s It

At age 16 JP moved to Los Angeles where he later met Dez Dynamic of “Sons Of Funk” a No Limit Records act. Working with Dez Dynamic on Sons of Funk records including the 2016 release called “Lost Files”; a collection of unreleased material.

JP also was on ‘Too Shorts’ 2004 “Married To The Game” album

For the single, “That’s It” is Available Now! iTunes: https://goo.gl/kKPvYo

JP – That’s It (Official Music Video)



JP – Live Interview


“Until you want success more than you want sleep, you will never be the best!”



R&B, Soul & Gospel

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