Urban/R&B artist CHRIS TIAN is a singer/songwriter/producer/arranger from Portsmouth, N.H. who performs and records with 5 1/2 octaves as well as performs LIVE at the piano or keyboard. During the last couple years he had some major media coverage including ASSOCIATED PRESS.

Chris landed songs on 3 television shows,”Without You In My Life” on hit soap opera, ALL MY CHILDREN in 2003 ,”AH AH” on GIRLFRIENDS on CBS in 2007 and currently, Brazilian Soap Opera, MALHACAO grabbed Chris’s song, “FOR REAL TO ME” which is being heard in San Paulo, Brazil to this date.

Tian recorded with BLACK EYED PEAS guitarist/recording artist named J. Curtis in 2005 landing his SMASH mix, “BABY, COME ON OUT.” Chris also collaborates with lead ‘WAS not WAS’ singer, SWEET PEA ATKIN- SON who tours singing back-up with LYLE LOVETT, etc…. Tian and Sweet Pea’s hit song is called, “DON’T CRUIZE ME” which has a fun beat.

Chris Tian – Keep On Dancin

In 2008 Chris was seen LIVE in New York on NBC’s Today Show (Weekend Today) with R&B Diva, Evelyn Champagne King and news anchor Pat Battle supporting Evelyn’s “Open Book” music release. A year later Chris also opened up for Evelyn Champagne King and her hus- band Freddie Fox at the Nile Theater in Bakersfield, Ca. In 2009 Tian also opened up and performed back-up for actor John Amos (Good Times) in Nashville, TN., at the Limelight Club and in 2010. After the soulful artist performed at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills for the VMA’s supporting a foster kids organization called Shining Star Kids of America among other celebrity guests.

In 2011, Chris has been seen on the red carpets for the Grammy’s and Oscars in Los Angeles. NOW GET READY as Chris takes the dance music scene over with his latest Soulful / EDM song, ” KEEP ON DANCIN’,” which is now generat- ing lots of buzz and getting some airplay both nationally and internation- ally.

Chris is also a DJ /Host on UrbanMusicBuzz which is an online radio show helping spread the buzz on both major and independent “urban art- ists” helping make some noise for their music releases.

Some of Chris Tian’s songs are now available on ITUNES.

Chris Tian – Live Interview


“Until you want success more than you want sleep, you will never be the best!”


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