JCraig is an emerging force on the music entertainment landscape, launching out of total obscurity after overcoming many of life’s tragedies and transforming himself round by round into a reliable singer, songwriter, and producer. After serving his country in the armed forces, he has emerged simply as an artist with a soulful niche, and he knows how to work it.

This PK was the youngest boy of five, born to a Bishop. From the earliest moments, he was singing and playing guitar in the church. Soon, he became an accomplished musician. Family and peers in New York knew that J was a gifted writer and musician. Oftentimes, they would par ooze the musical credits looking for his name. Well, here he is stamping out one hit after another.

JCraig – For Eternity

Now in Memphis, home of STAX and other notable musicians, you’ll find JCraig committed and working diligently on his many projects. Music is all over him. It’s in his head, hands, and feet. In a dimly lit room, it’s electrifying and amazing to see J do what he does with ease and perfection. He’s a quite storm stirring up some southern soul funk. But, don’t limit him. This accomplished songwriter will astonish you with sensually charming lyrics, melodically fascinate you with an edgy rock melody, and bombshell you with some smooth rap.

O’ no, J’s not wasting any time with his music production. Like a whirlwind, he’s plowing forward in a league of his own and seems to be transcending time and making thunderous noise as he pursues his musical ambitions. Yes, he’s all in.

JCraig – Live Interview


“Until you want success more than you want sleep, you will never be the best!”



Dance, Pop & Synth, R&B

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