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She came into this world with her vocal chords ringing and they haven’t stopped since.

Brittany Bexton came into this world with her vocal chords ringing and they haven’t stopped since.

While camping out, it was at the tender age of two; Brittany picked up a microphone and sang for the surrounding campers.

As Brittany grew, so did her passion and love for music. A love, driven by passions that deepened from within; yet as pure as a first love should be. Having grown up, this passion now has depth and a deep undying love.

Brittany started writing music and studying singing with four master voice teachers, each of whom specialized in different styles. Fifteen years of singing later, her training is evident in her powerful, smooth, and consistent vocals. While following her career, you can always find her crafting perfection, also known as, perfecting her craft.

Brittany Bexton – “Baby Come Back To Bed”
It is not, however, her training that makes Brittany stand out from other singer songwriters, but the passion and life she brings to a song and the stage.

During her collegiate training at PCPA, a conservatory for musical theater, Brittany had studied more than just singing. She studied acting and dance as well.

Whether it be her acting, training or simply an intuitive heart for music and storytelling, the way she connects the story and passion of a song to captivate her listeners and audience members; Brittany will draw them into her performance and the heart of her music…every time.

BWD Radio w/Brittany Bexton – Interview

Don’t Give Up – Performance Footage

“Another Great Singer/Songwriter who has been perfecting their craft…proof’s in the “back-track” & seeing the hard work put in until now. Quality Boost ~ Great Job! Keep on, Keeping on!” ~ Ms. V

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