Alex Cartwright - Pure Unadulterated Me

Fans are treated to an blend of unrestrained excitement and engaging lyrics.

As a Child of the North turned Southern Lady, Alex Cartwright knows hospitality. Her favorite place to show it is on the stage. Fans are treated to a blend of unrestrained excitement and engaging lyrics that are not only intriguing, but addicting.
The child of avid music fans, Alex was taken to a multitude of concerts and festivals from a very young age. Her mother, a deejay at a local radio station noticed Alex’s propensity for music and began training her daughter on the air, at the tender age of ten. There she gained a deep respect for varying genres of music and all the work that musicians put into their craft. By the time Alex was fifteen, she was writing her own songs.

Alex Cartwright – “Pure Unadulterated Me”

Taking advantage of today’s social media age, Alex has been able to hone her skills working with other music industry professionals, even from thousands of miles away. She is an active member of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) and will be training as a coordinator for her local chapter this spring.
The internet age has also enabled Alex to reach fans all around the world. Her bubbly nature has lent gracefully to winning the hearts of others, and her kind nature keeps them coming back for more. Living by the words “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” she believes in living life well, not just for herself, but for everyone around her.

BWD Radio w/Alex Cartwright – “Interview” (1st Interview)


Pure Unadulterated Me


“Charisma – Had to post this! Fun Personality! Unplugged and NO MIC. That’s a voice.” ~Ms. V

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