The Heat

Genres from her roots in Gospel, to Jazz, to R&B to her now current Neo-Soul platform.

Andrea Lawrence, or “ANDE”, to all who warmly know her, has made it her personal goal to revive the neo-soul music world with her sultry-rich vocals and piercing lyrics.

Ande’ – With Heat

With no “formal” voice training behind her, this Dallas, Texas native’s raw talent displays vocal control and range uncommon for most vocalists to date. Her distinct and unique style derives from many musical influences and genres from her roots in Gospel, to Jazz, to R&B to her now current Neo-Soul platform. Her soul stirring music speaks across generations with smooth, sultry sounds reminiscent of Nancy Wilson synthesized with the poetic styling of Jill Scott. “I believe true music pierces the heart and as I sing, I want to make sure that I’m able to speak to someone’s soul,” ANDE’ explains.
She scored her first major singing opportunity in December 2006 where she toured in Italy with a gospel group “The Women of God” under the direction of Knagui Invernizzi. In December 2009, she received that opportunity again with a different gospel group “Oscar Williams & Perfected Praise” under the direction of Oscar Williams. She has since performed on stages throughout the US from Sankofa’s Jazz Club, Bacara Club, and The A Room. Additionally, ANDE’ has also made appearances at colleges for charitable events i.e. the fight for a cure for Sickle Cell at the University of North Texas.
In January 2011, ANDE’ released her first single “Let It Happen” to the world. In September 2011, ANDE’ released her second single “I Woke Up”. Her debut album “Embracing ANDE’ ” is set to release in 2012. ANDE’ is currently signed to independent record label, NuWu Entertainment Group, LLC.

BWD Radio Show w/ANDE’ Interview

NuWu Entertainment – “The Heat” Official Music Video by ANDE’


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Official Music Video “The Heat” Released”.


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