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Zaricor and Lillie Jackson are a husband and wife duet singing under the name of SoulDirection1. Zaricor and Lillie are also ordained ministers that work with the homeless.
Zaricor and Lillie Jackson met in an unusual way. After the passing of Lillie’s husband she attended one church as Zaricor assisted a pastor in another. Somehow, God brought them together through a young homeless man; of which, they were both working with. Zaricor and Lillie worked together in finding him a place to stay, safely off the streets. Giving him a chance for a better future.
This renewed their vision to not only help the homeless but to sing as well. Zaricor and Lillie are singing at many churches throughout the Los Angeles’ area. This is their first venture in trying to reach a larger audience. They strongly believe that all lives matter.

SoulDirection1 – God Is (I)

Zaricor and Lillie have done many things over the years such as: Host Café Style Christian events and having their own cable access program for 12+ years. For thirteen (13) years; under the direction of the late Tommy Jacquette – a nationally recognized community activist, they were the planners and hosts of the Gospel Concert for ‘The World Renowned Watts Summer Festival’. The last two (2) years they have been hosting the ‘Watts Christmas Parade.’ Overriding all this? Zaricor and Lillie’s work with the homeless community; in low income areas.
Zaricor and Lillie released their debut album titled, “To The Least Of These”. The music on this album comes from their many experiences; out in the streets, with the homeless. We dedicate “To The Least Of These” to all the homeless people ‘everywhere’ who continue to inspire our music. We hope that you enjoy our music.

SoulDirection1 – LIVE INTERVIEW



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