When she was born and my father named her Eloho, we all wondered what it meant. You see, my father had this knack of giving his children names that were complete sentences; check this out – Aziakponakeru, Akponaovoghalerie, Okaruere!! See what I mean?
It seemed so out of the norm when he gave the last of the gang a name with just five letters, we were so curious to know what it meant and probably relieved that this cute little addition to our family wouldn’t have to endure the burden of a name that was a whole sentence.
Prosperity he said. “Eloho” meant “prosperity” and to jazz it up a bit he called her “Prospera”!! Thank God it didn’t stick!
Eloho Jocelyn Efemuai nee Amata came into this world with a shock of hair, a natural afro. You see Aimee’s hair? That is times three of what Eloho had as a baby!
Plaiting Eloho’s hair was not a tea party. At all! It was a combination of tears, chastising and scolding, the tears you can guess from “you know who”. But when it was all done, with the hairdresser tired but relieved, Eloho would go and preen herself in front of the mirror and that earned her the nickname “vanity”,from my father of course. We finally put that saga to rest when she was four and I personally cut her hair and we all heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Eloho – Arise

At age nine months, not only was Eloho walking, she was talking and singing! Mention a new word to her hearing and Eloho would turn it into a song; it didn’t matter if the word was “butterfly” or “sponge”! So prolific was she in her musical prowess that we all named her “Eloho Singana” after the South African lead singer in the popular musical of the seventies “Ipi Tombi “, Margaret Singana.
From then on there was no stopping her. Eloho would go on to become the assistant singing prefect during her secondary school days at Our Lady’s High School, Effurun, Warri, Delta state, Nigeria. She was also a chorister with different church choirs including the BBCM choir in Lagos, Grace Levites (Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, Lagos), Word Aflame choir, Makurdi, Benue state, Precious Pearl (she started this singing group), Chosen Treasure (Lighthouse Church, Kaduna), Vessels of Grace (The Place of Grace, Port Harcourt), The Father’s House Choir, Aberdeen where she was a worship leader and the Worship Pastor and presently part of the Worship Team at her local assembly; The Junction Church Aberdeen.
Today, Eloho is not just a Worship Pastor, she is a singer, a worshiper, and a Christian recording artiste who sings her heart out for the Lord. She loves God, she loves people and according to her “she is crazy about Jesus”!!! She is the program coordinator of Heartsong a charity whose mission is to stir up the kind of worship that touches God and transforms lives; by hosting praise and worship events in the city of Aberdeen with renowned and upcoming worship leaders.
Since setting up Heartsong in 2011, Eloho has organized and coordinated three worship nights in the city of Aberdeen with the likes of Ian White, Bob Fitts, Chevelle Franklin, D’Amadeus, Sola Okunuga, Ify, Alexander Victor, Folasade and a host of others.
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