When some people hear a song and fall in love with it, it’s usually because there was a connection made. For some, a song can take them to a familiar place or experience. For others, a soulful, heart-felt song can strike an emotion. Still, for others, the essence of a beautiful melody cascading through and through is the allure that captivates their hearts. This is all consistent with the writings of newcomer Lakesha A. Washington – also know LAW.

She is a songstress with a natural ability for expressing the love found in relationships, pain, truth in her spiritual walk, determination, and strength – which is where her songs live. As a teenager, living in New Brunswick, Canada, is where Law began to experience the drive for an art not yet known inside of her. As she transitioned to the United States as a young women, she tapped in and out of feelings of loneliness, and even depression followed by love. In fact, she is passionate about her need to be understood. As she externalizes her thoughts on paper and through melodies, it is also reflected through her songs which she identifies as a feel, a mood and a moment in time.


LAW aka Lakesha A. Washington – Holy Spirit

Her repertoire consists of a range of writings – from Inspirational, R & B, Urban & Contemporary Christian, to jazz, and Neo-Soul. Law started her songwriting career while first writing for a local, San Antonio, TX Gospel music group called “Certain”. She wrote one complete song and co-wrote a couple of others on the group’s debut album released in 2003. She also wrote a collection of songs (So Far So Close – available on iTunes), which she leveraged to propel herself forward as a Singer/Songwriter/Producer in 2011.

Today, she partners with her husband, Mark Washington, to create and development music. Together they are “LawMark Music Productions”. This is their vehicle for capturing the essence of life, and transforming it into a song. They are particularly committed to helping deliver quality music, and Law welcomes the opportunity for writing an attractive piece for any producer, publisher or artist.
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Soul & Gospel


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